Welcome to Wisco Insulation

Mechanical Insulators

What We Do

Mechanical insulation, also known as the “forgotten technology,” is thermal insulation used on piping, equipment and all types of mechanical systems, including boilers, HVAC systems, and ducts.

How We Are Different

We continue to develop new and innovative ways to meet incredibly demanding schedules, bring in proven insulation methods and most of all perform our work safely.

How You Benefit

Maintain the temperature of a process system, reducing heat or cold loss and keeping temperature at desired levels. Keep people safe by protecting them from extreme temperatures, vapor, and liquid.

How we operate for you

We are a small non-union based mechanical insulation business. We have over 10+ years of Expertise in the industry.  As a result we continue to grow within the industry. Our company offers quality craftsmanship for any insulation needs. Including Plumbing, HVAC/Hot water systems, Chilled Water systems, Glycol systems, etc. Therefore if you name it, we can insulate it.

In addition to our service abilities, we utilize the latest computerized estimation software to generate our proposals. This likewise gives us the capability of providing labor and material breakdowns to our management. Both in the field and the office. This, in turn, has increased our efficiency, quality, and production rates.