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Overview of our services…

Mechanical insulation, also known as the “forgotten technology”, is thermal insulation used on piping, equipment, and all types of mechanical systems, including boilers, HVAC systems, and ducts.  Mechanical insulation serves the following functions:

  • Conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Regulate the temperature of process systems
  • Condensation control and mold prevention
  • Personnel protection from hot or cold surfaces

So what does this mean?

Basically, mechanical insulation is used to insulate equipment or processes, as opposed to building envelope insulation, which is found in walls and roofs. You will also find mechanical insulation on ductwork and piping, in addition to equipment used in industrial processes.

Insulation is manufactured from a variety of materials, including cellular, fibrous, flake, granular, and reflective. Mechanical insulation is used on both high- and low-temperature applications and serves a number of functions, including protecting workers from burns on hot surfaces, lessening noise on air-handling systems (for occupant productivity and comfort in offices, for example), and maintaining the temperature of a substance in pipes or equipment to prevent more energy being used to re-heat or re-cool it when it reaches its destination.

Our Services

Maximize energy savings while keeping upfront costs manageable and affordable.

In detail…

Mechanical insulation helps maintain the temperature of a process system, reducing heat or cold loss and keeping temperature at desired levels. Mechanical insulation for heating and cooling systems keeps people safe by protecting them from extreme temperatures, vapor, and liquid.

Frozen pipes or equipment could result in damage or failure to the system causing costly repairs and unnecessary downtime. Investing in mechanical insulation now saves money in the long run.

By helping to regulate operating temperatures within desired levels, mechanical insulation helps save energy, – and your energy budget.

Mechanical insulation shields the covered surface from varying ambient temperatures and dew points; creating a vapor barrier to protect the surface and prevent condensation and vapor build up.

Proper mechanical insulation can help prevent fires, or provide fire resistance making your building a safer place for staff, visitors, and occupants.

The noise-dampening benefits of mechanical insulation make for a quiet, productive workplace.

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